Pineapple Bar

Shhh! The Least Said the Better

We’ve tried not to make too much noise about the Pineapple Bar as it speaks for itself when you walk in.  ‘Wow!’ and ‘I wasn’t expecting that’ are two of the usual reactions we get when we show guests around.

The Pineapple Bar is timeless – literally (well almost!) as fittingly there isn’t a clock and because it is in our cellars day turns to night quite easily and you don’t even notice.

This is a private bar and we tailor our stock for individual events so whatever your taste, gin, rum, malt whiskies, cask ales, fine wines …. We can make sure we have it in.  In fact with the exception of cask ales which we like to serve fresh we have those things in all of the time, for example at the last count we stocked ten gins, seven rums and ten whiskies – some you’ll know and some you’ll not have seen in a while.  Cocktails are no problem either – just let us know your favourite.

The route to the Pineapple Bar is in itself unique – but we’ll let you find that out for yourself!

The Pineapple Bar is ideal for private parties and celebrations and can accommodate a small party or up to fifty guests.  If you are interested in hiring the Pineapple Bar, please contact us.

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