Manor House 1707

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Manor House?

The Manor House is a listed building in the centre of Sedgefield which is now used as a multi-activity venue. It is used for weddings, parties, business conferences, meetings and gigs. It is also an office centre with a number of business tenants.

Q. Who owns The Manor House?

The Manor House is privately owned and operated as an independent business.

Q. Is the Manor House open all of the time?

The Manor House is open during business hours for office tenants and open out of hours when events are held. The Manor House office is not open full time. It is best to contact The Manor House office by e-mail on or telephone 01740 629265.

Q. Is the Manor House a licenced venue?

Yes, though it is only open as a licenced venue for events and not for regular hours as a pub would be.

Q. Is The Manor House licenced for weddings?

The Manor House is licensed by Durham County Council for marriages and civil partnerships.

Q. Is Sanction Gin based at The Manor House?

The owners of Sanction Gin, Gin Without Borders have their offices at The Manor House and therefore the gin is registered here. We always have stock available to sell.

Q. Is The Manor House licenced as an alcohol wholesaler?

Yes, The Manor House is registered with the Alcohol Wholesalers Registration Scheme, the registration number is XWAW 000 0011 1862.

Q. Is a history of The Manor House available?

Yes, there is the book 'Hidden in Full View - A history of The Chief Justice of Carolina's mansion house in Sedgefield' tells the history of The Manor House and is available from the Manor House for £12.99. Contact

Q. Was The Manor House council offices in the past?

Yes, The Manor House was the offices of Sedgefield Rural District Council between 1907 and 1974.

Q. Was The Manor House a magistrates court in the past?

Yes, The Manor House was Sedgefield Magistrates’ Court between 1974 and 1990.

Q. What is the capacity of The Manor House for events?

It differs for different events, but this is a general guide;

  • Parties and Celebrations
    • 60 - 120*
  • Business Conferences
    • The Old Court Room: 40 - 70*
    • The Freville Room: 10
    • The Cellar Bar: 8
  • The Cellar Bar (as a bar)
    • 60
  • Wedding Ceremonies
    • Georgian Reception: 60
    • Old Court Room: 70
    • Freville Room: 20
    • Gallery: 10
    • Grand Staircase: 20
  • Wedding Breakfast
    • 70*
  • Evening Wedding Reception
    • 120*
  • Gigs
    • The Old Court Room: 70
    • The Cellar Bar: 40

*depending on seating layout