The original owner of the Manor House married his mistress in 1723 in a church in London described as a "Marriage Mill".  It seems many wedding venues these days have the same feel!  That's why a wedding at The Manor House is different, we make it doubly exclusive for your special day.

First Exclusive.  We limit the number of weddings at the Manor House each year to make sure they are special and everyone at the Manor House who is involved in your special day is fresh and enthusiastic about delivering your special event.  The preparation and build up to your special day is for you and you alone.

Double Exclusive.  When you get married at the Manor House you know that we can give you our full attention because your wedding will be the only one booked for that weekend. You will have the house to yourself!

Manor House Monogram

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Making your day special is important to us and that's not a feeling you will be guaranteed everywhere.  You will leave the Manor House at the end of your special day with exclusive and special memories.