Sanction Gin

Sanction Gin is the official gin of The Manor House!

Sanction Gin is an exquisite, delectable and ultra premium London Dry Gin created by Gin Without Borders.

Gin Without Borders travelled far and wide searching for the best ingredients and botanicals to create the perfect hand-crafted gin: almonds from Iran, angelica root from Russia, cardamom from India and cassia bark from Honk Kong.

Sanction Gin is heavy and captivating on the nose and earthy and sweet on the palate.  The citrus flavour combines perfectly with the herbs and roots yet the cardamom finds its way through without taking any special prominence over the other botanicals.

The distinctive bottle bears the address of The Manor House, West End, Sedgefield as its official home and the front of the bottle is adorned with ‘Sedgefield, England’.

As the official home of Sanction Gin we have a stock in our own cellars.



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