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Manor House's central North-East Location

The Manor House 1707 is in the heart of Sedgefield village that is part of County Durham it is easily accesable through connections through out the North-East, and working from this prime North-East location means you are not far to travel to Newcastle, County Durham or Teesside area. The Manor House is a Listed Building and stands promedently at the top of the main high street next door to one of Barclays Banks North East branches. 


The Manor House is the perfect North-East location that can be used for a wide range of events and is a North-East Business centre for already a number of Business local to County Durham and the North-East area to further that wanted to use the Manor House as their North-East Headquarters.

North-East Office Space

The Manor House Sedgefield was rennovation to become a North-East Business centre that will allow companies to use the Manor House as their North-East Headquarters. Throughout the Manor House there are a range of multiple size office spaces for a range of differnet size companies looking for County Durham office space as an area to work from. We have already offices taken from companies moving their businesses to our North East business centre.

We now offer temporary North East office space with companies in and around the area or traveling through Sedgefield needing an office for short term hire from using it for an Hour or up to a Week for my information and prices about our North-East Hot Office click here

North-East Wedding Location

In 2016 The Manor House opened its doors and got licensed to become a north-east wedding location, it held its first Wedding in September 2016 and has instantly become recognised as a premium north-east wedding venue. Weddings mean a lot to everyone involved in it and The Manor House wants to share its emilating beauty with everyone that uses the north-east wedding venue that is Manor House.

North-East Music Event 

Manor House Sedgefield, has become an ever increasing popular north-east music venue for a various artists to use The Old Court Room, Grand Reception and the Freville Room for small intimate gigs to larger audiences. No matter what genre of music people will come to our north-east music venue for all music events. The music fills all of the rooms instantly and emerses the audience as if they are sat right infront of the the singer its a great County Durham music location that will only become more recognised as become see its potential for Music.

North-East Film Location

With the Manor House Sedgefield, being part of the Listed Property Owners Club and with the Georgian Architecture with the building being constructed in the early 1700s, the Owner Ean Parsons has seen the opportunity to make the Manor House an exclusive North-East film and tv location.The building has unbelievable character emulating throughout, the building has key areas that can be used as film sets. The building can be used as a mansion house film location as the Manor House was designed and built in the style of a mansion house.

Also with the Manor House being a Grade II listed building all of the features and detailings is still original and can be used as a stand out pieces. The staircase detailing with its original barley caine spindles, is part of the grand reception with its high ceilings and Georgian architecture is perfect for a period film set. Also the Manor House used to be used as the Sedgefield Magistrates Courts and has all the original cellars and holdings and could be used as a cellar film location.

North-East Business Meeting Venue

Along with the North-East Business Centre offices we have meeting rooms that are open for not just tenants but also the general public that want to hire our North-East meeting venue. There are various meeting rooms at The Manor House and can be used for various activities, our north-east meeting locations is in a great location in Sedgefield County Durham and from the village and the environment of the building and the rooms means The Manor House and it's North-East meeting rooms are the ideal for your business meeting or your get togethers.

North-East Events Venue

The Manor House can be hired for a wide range of functions and it is a highly popular north-east party venue for private events and as a popular north-east community events location. Whether its a birthday, wedding anniversary or a works meal The Manor House will be able to cater for this with its function rooms, licensed bar, license for live music and much more. On the other hand the Manor House is becoming used more and more as a NorthEast community events location, as people can come from the surrounding areas and get involved in the events like art shows, coffee mornings, voluennteer nights and much more.  

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