Licensed Events

The Manor House has a full premises licence which means we are licenced for the sale of alcohol and for musical entertainment.

We discuss with our clients their requirements for a bar and any special requests they have and then we set up a bar in a location that is best for the event.  Special requests can be for cocktails, a champagne or prosecco bar or cask and real ales.

The acoustics in The Manor House are excellent for acoustic live performances and generate a unique atmosphere.  The reception hall and staircase space produce a special sound particularly for vocal harmony and a solo piano player as a background to an event gives a special ambiance to the period spaces in the building.  The acoustics and the intimacy of the Old Court make for a great atmosphere for live acoustic performance, disco or recorded music.

We have the equipment to playback recorded music from CD, MP3, I-Pod and even vinyl  and we have the equipment to stage live events including a 16 channel mixing desk and  but if you wish to bring your own equipment for playback or live music let us know.

Catering for events can be sourced from a range of local suppliers and Manor House event partners to meet a full range of offers including party nibbles, speciality cheeses, a traditional buffet or a full range of meals.

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"I enjoyed my concert at the Manor House very much! It was a really great experience with a wonderfully warm and enthusiastic audience."
Artist Keith James reviewing after his performance at Manor House in front of a sell out crowd.